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Wedding Ceremony Guide


  • Bridal Processional

    • Guests stand as the Bride makes her grand entrance escorted by her father, both parents or a special person. She can also walk alone.


  • Declaration of Consent / Giving Away of the Bride

    • This is an old tradition in which the Father of the Bride gives his daughter to the Groom in Marriage. The officiant asks the Father "Who brings this woman to join with this man in marriage." The Father confirms his intent, and then lifts the veil, kisses her cheek and presents the Bride to the Groom. This can easily modified to include an affirmation by another escort, or by all that are present.


  • Welcoming Words by the Wedding Officiant

    • Your Wedding Officiant welcomes your guests, thanks them for coming and speaks briefly about the purpose of the ceremony.


  • Opening Prayer (optional)

    • Your Minister or Celebrant repeats a short prayer and invites reflection and the Divine's presence.


  • Moment of Silence (optional)

    • This is a brief moment that allows a show of respect and love to the people in your life who have passed and could not be present for your wedding ceremony.


  • Mother's Rose Presentation (optional)

    • Long-stemmed roses are presented to the Mother of the Bride and Groom thanking them for the many selfless sacrifices they have made and the unconditional love they have for them.


  • Affirmation Charge and "I Do's" to Couple

    • This is where your officiant talks about what it means to be married and what it will take to make your marriage successful.  Your Officiant will ask if you are ready and willing to take the other as your Husband or Wife. Your "I Do" will confirm your intent to marry.


  • Reading (optional)

    • One short poem, scripture, or words of wisdom about love may be included in the ceremony to be read by your officiant, a guest, or by a friend or family member.


  • Wedding Vows

    • Your Wedding Vows are the most intimate part of the Wedding Ceremony.  This the part where you put into words the intense feelings you have for each other. You are always welcome to write your own wedding vows and read them to each other!


  • Hand Blessing (optional)

    • The hands are a connection to the heart, and a Hand Blessing symbolically brings two hearts together.


  • Exchange of Wedding Rings

    • The Wedding Ring is a symbol of your lifelong commitment to one another and a testimony to all the world of your devotion in marriage.


  • Unity Ceremony (optional)

    • Sand Ceremony, Rose Exchange, Unity Candle and Wine Ceremony are "Special Acts of Celebration" that symbolically unite the two of you as one. Up to this moment you have been separate in thought, word and deed.


  • Vows and Promises to Children (optional)

    • When a couple marries, often times a child(ren) from another marriage is involved and couples may want to make a commitment to the child(ren) as well.


  • Marriage Blessing or Benediction

    • The blessing of the marriage or closing benediction is a short prayer, poem or reading of good favor, wishes for friendship, happiness and everlasting love.


  • Marriage Pronouncement

    • This is the part everyone has been waiting for! When your wedding minister or family pastor pronounces you as Husband and Wife or Partners for Life, it is the exact moment that your marriage covenant is sealed.


  • The Kiss

    • No ceremony is complete without "The Kiss". The kiss seals the promises and vows made by the betrothed couple.


  • Presentation as a Married Couple

    • You turn and face your guests as your Wedding Officiant introduces you to your family and friends as legally married.


  • Recessional

    • Time to walk down the aisle as a newly married couple as you smile and wave to your guests. Your wedding party follows.

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